Accepting Payments

CloudPayments system is a universal processing system for processing payments with bankcards via international payments systems Visa and MasterCard

Paying on-site (via widget)

To pay on-site by using the IFRAME technology, we are offering a payments widget — a pop-up window to enter the bankcard details and payment processing. This widget works in all browsers and is optimized for usage on mobile devices.

By using the widget, the customer stays on the website, which reduces the number of payment steps, which in turn increases the sales conversion.

Paying on-site via API

If you need to process the cards on your side, and control the payment steps and 3-D Secure authentication, the system offers a checkout technology to minimize the costs associated with getting certified with PCI DSS.

Billing via email

To receive the payments without integrating with the website, you can use the email billing service. In your personal account or via API, you can formulate an order, with the price and email of the customer, and after several seconds your client will receive an invitation to pay using the payments form. After finishing the payment, you will receive a notification.

Holding funds

Holding is reserving (blocking) the funds on the customer’s account for further withdrawal or cancellation of this blocking. The system allows you to choose how to process your payments — in a single-step or a two-step payment process (with hold on the funds).

Depending on the settings, the system can automatically transfer the money on any day.

By default, the funds are blocked for 10 days.

With the transfer, you can also adjust the amount of money by decreasing it, if you need to do so.

Cancelling the operation and returning the funds

The system allows to cancel any payment done mistakenly, either through personal account, or via API. For two-step payments — in any of the days up to the end of the blocking, for one-step payments — until the end of the day. The money on the customer’s account will be unlocked almost immediately.

If the customer decides not to purchase our product, you can return either all or a portion of the funds through your personal accounts or the API. You can return these funds on any day, without any duration limits. The funds will be returned to the customer’s account within the next several business days.

Recurring payments

For one-click payments, the system allows you to use tokens: the first payment done by your client will be done with entering the payment information, and the system will then assign a payment token to each customer, which is then sent to the notifications system. This token can be used for recurring payments without the need to enter CVV or pass 3-D Secure authentication.

Recurrent payments

The system allows using recurrent payments (subscriptions) for services. The first payment is done by the customer by entering the card information, then a schedule of payments is formed (for example, weekly or monthly), and the system will automatically deduct the amount specified with the initial purchase. If the automatic payment is not processed due to lack of funds, or any other means, the system will send a notification and will try again in 24 hours.