Airline addendum data

Airline addendum data contains additional information about the flight itinerary, which is sent together with the transaction for processing into the payment system. The use of this data reduces the risk of fraudulent operations and the cost of payment processing.


Airline addendum data consists of information about the itinerary, information on segments (flights), and information about the passengers.

The itinerary information contains:

Parameter Format Use Description
BookingRef String Required, if ticket number is not specified Booking number
TicketNumber String Required, if booking number is not specified Ticket number

One segment consists of one flight including takeoff and landing. All segments of the trip must be specified, by listing the following parameters:

Parameter Format Use Description
FlightNumber String Required Flight number
DepartureDateTime DateTime Required Date and time of departure
ArrivalDateTime DateTime Required Date and time of arrival
OriginatingCountry String Required Country of departure (in English or Russian)
OriginatingCity String Required City of departure (in English or Russian)
OriginatingAirportCode String(3) Required Departure airport code – 3 letters from IATA classification
DestinationCountry String Required Destination country (in English or Russian)
DestinationCity String Required Destination city (in English or Russian)
DestinationAirportCode String(3) Required Arrival airport code – 3 letters from IATA classification

Information about the passengers must contain first and last names of each passenger:

Parameter Format Use Description
FirstName String Required First name of passenger
LastName String Required Last name of passenger

Airline addendum data can be provided with the AirlineAddendum parameter by calling an API payment method or in response for a payment check.

Sample airline addendum data: