Personal account

CloudPayments offers every client a useful personal account with lots of features.


In your personal account, you will be able to see the payment statistics from the specified period and the number of payments in various currencies, as well as segmentation based on statuses to calculate conversion rates.

CloudPayments Statistics

Transaction monitoring

The system allows you to monitor transactions in real time, and lets you search, filter, export to Excel, and view the total amounts.

CloudPayments Transaction monitoring

Transaction information

Every transaction has the maximum amount of associated information, including the original decline code (for example, insufficient funds), information on the bank issuer, and customer payment country.

All transactions can be accepted, declined, or refunded.

CloudPayments Transaction information

Billing via email

This window shows the ordering system, which lets you form a bill and send the customer a payment notification, containing a link to a payment form.

CloudPayments Billing via email

Site controlling

In your personal account, you can control several sites and assign unique settings to each one.

CloudPayments Site controlling

Access controls

The system lets you register your employees in your personal account and give them access to certain elements of your account.

CloudPayments Access controls


You can login into your personal account by using the login and password, as well as through Facebook, VK, Google, and other social networks.