About processing

CloudPayments is a Designer IT-solutions for the e-commerce market.

Every partner receives the most comprehensive set of key technical options allowing to create a customer-centric payment system on site or in mobile application.

Partners are allowed to receive payments in roubles and in other world currencies.

Business Solutions

CloudPayments payment service also offers
a number of unique high-tech solutions for your business:


CloudPayments increases the transaction flow
ensuring payments absolute security.

  • Data Encryption

    To protect customer data encryption is used at the transport layer - SSL/TLS and by RSA algorithm with a 2048 bit key at the application level.

  • Anti-fraud system

    System has its own "sewn-in" protection against fraudulent transactions, secured by its own anti-fraud system. It detects evidences of suspicious transactions and instantly blocks unauthorized payment from lost or stolen credit card.

  • PCI DSS Level 1

    Payment service is safety-certified PCI DSS Level 1

  • No redirects to other sites

    Eliminates the risk of losses during the transition from the shopping cart to the payments page, what results in high conversion rate, payments are made directly without any redirects to the processing center site. Credit card data is checked at the international payment systems Visa and MasterCard level in a fraction of seconds.

  • 3D Secure

    3D-Secure technology is a reliable way to prevent fraud. Depending on the type of business operations can be held without 3D-Secure.

Connecting such a powerful platform takes only 5 minutes!


How does widget work Payment form is set by client script and opens in iframe-box without redirecting the user to the payment gateway site.

Communication with the store's website uses terminal check/pay protocol:

  • after entering card data in the widget payment gateway makes a request for payment verification (check),
  • after payment processing a notification is sent (pay).

All payment gateway functions are available through a
RESTful API in JSON format.


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